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At Mid North Christian College, we understand the value and need for 21-centry skills to equip our graduates to enter the career pathways of their choice. Employers are looking for applicants who possess the ability to think critically and creatively, problem-solve, collaborate, communicate, be flexible and have exceptional media literacy. Our students are provided opportunities from Foundation to Year 10 to engage with Project-based Learning Tasks that extend their thinking skills and empower them to be critical and creative thinkers. The College has a Year 7 to Year 9 Extension Mathematics class that focuses on problems that will broaden their horizons and challenge their thinking. We have also invested in a range of innovative electives in Year 9 and 10 including Survival Skills, Set Design, Japanese Furniture Making, Rock Band, Automotive and Italian Culture and Cuisine. The electives offered change each semester and provide the students with an opportunity to engage in a passion area of their choice. The electives are also pared with Project-based Learning Tasks.



The Senior years at MNCC is an exciting and challenging time for our students, providing opportunities to build on their strengths, passions and interests as they prepare for their future beyond school.

Throughout Years 10 to 12, dedicated staff work closely with each student to focus on their unique goals and ambitions. In addition, the depth of our applied Curriculum enables students to reach their potential and then have the confidence to embark on new opportunities beyond the school gate.



We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning goals and outcomes. We help them to develop responsible work habits, to achieve their best as we support them to grow as independent and collaborative learners. We recognise that students travel many paths in achieving their life-goals. We support this through a range of academic choices and Vocational Education Pathways.



Students in their Senior years are encouraged to grow in their understanding of Christian values. Our desire for them is to develop a faith that has a firm foundation that is applied in all areas of life.

The College’s strong partnership with our families, local churches, and our peer-to-peer mentoring assists our students to reach their full potential. As they mature, they are more prepared to take their place in the world as God-loving, informed, active, and socially responsible adults who can contribute positively to society.

At MNCC, we understand that many of our students want to be employment-ready at the end of Year 12. We place a strong emphasis on the transition from school to work. Our Careers team is dedicated to assisting each student to reach their goals through an extensive workplace learning program and the provision of trade-relevant South Australia Certificate of Education (SACE) curriculum, training, and apprenticeship pathways. For Year 11 & 12 students interested in University we offer a variety of University units that can be completed before they graduate. 

MNCC graduates are competent to enter the workforce straight from school which may include pathways into apprenticeships or traineeships or continuing with tertiary studies at University.

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”

Proverbs 18:15

Aviation Program

Our Aviation Program is open for applications from any student from South Australia with an interest in Aviation.


Arts and Music

At MNCC we give great importance to arts and music. We encourage children in growing their gifts and talents.

Vocational Training

We provide a variety of pathways for our Senior students who are looking to the future.

Sports & Co-curricular

MNCC's sports education facilitates authentic learning experiences and student opportunities.

Camps and Outdoor Education

Our education goes beyond the classroom. We facilitate outdoor activities and camps for children's growth and well-being.


How To Register Your Child for MNCC

We understand that choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We are here to help you every step of the way and to support an excellent transition into learning for life.

Phone number

 08 8632 4240



Send in an enrolment enquiry and our Registrar will be in contact via a personal follow up phone call.


Parents will receive an Enrolment package. If they wish to proceed, they fill out the Application for Enrolment form and return it to the College with the Application Fee of $30 for one student and $50 for two or more students.


Our Registrar will contact the enrolling family to arrange a mutually convenient time for an Enrolment Interview. If the application is successful you will receive a Letter of Offer.