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On eagles wings

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31

 The Aviation Course is for students who desire to experience aviation first hand. Students may have an emerging interest in aviation or be dedicated ‘plane spotters’ already! The Aviation Course is intended to be both challenging and inspiring where students gain valuable insight into the diverse areas of the aviation industry.

The MNCC Aviation Course focuses on fixed-wing pilot training, drone operations and mechanical engineering with basic aeronautical knowledge to support these areas of learning. When the student successfully completes this 1 year course, they will receive 20 SACE Stage One credits. The course is offered for students in their 11th year of schooling where they will attend Mid North Christian College for a 1 week intensive where all course content will be completed for the term. The 1 week intensive takes place in Week 3 of the school term.

Students complete 4 hours of inflight pilot training
towards a Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) and
several hours of private drone flying. The engineering component is based on the National Training Modules, providing students with an understanding of the skill and high standards demanded by the aviation industry.

Mid North Chrisitan College Aviation Students

Areas of study

Flight Training

Four hours of practical flight instruction delivered by a qualified instructor in an Ultralight aircraft.

Aviation Engineering

  • Sheet fabrication techniques required in fabrication & restoration projects
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Aircraft maintenance requirements
  • Composite materials construction techniques

Drone Operations

  • Theory requirements for safe recreational drone operations
  • Practical flying skills contributing to the CASA
  • Remote Pilots Licence (RePL). 

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge

 The learnings of this component are based on the knowledge requirements for the Recreational Pilots Certificate set out by RAAus which supports and connects the students learning in the other areas. One of the ways we explore these learnings is through the construction of 2 scratch build, balsa wood models. The general areas that are explored in this component include:

 • Principles of Flight
 • Flight Manoeuvres
 • Engines
 • Engine Support Systems
 • Aircraft Support Systems
 • Aviation Radio Certificate
 • Air Legislation
 • Human Factors
 • Developing Airmanship


Since 2006, Mid North Christian College has been successful in obtaining financial support from
The Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund.


This support is allocated towards accommodation, pilot training time, engineering equipment and other materials. This generous financial contribution makes it possible for students to participate in the Aviation Course without being disadvantaged due to travel or accommodation expenses.

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