Senior Schooling Curriculum

A strong curriculum is the lifeblood of learning as it helps to direct and guide the natural curiosity of children. At Mid North Christian College, the senior years begin at Year 7, where the students begin to think and learn in a more independent manner.

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Middle Schooling – Year 7 to 9

Children in their middle years at school have specific needs. It is a time when they experience substantial emotional and physical change. The culture developed at MNCC to support children during their middle schooling years is about nurturing each individual student in a caring Christian environment.

All students at Mid North Christian College are on the same campus. This means that middle schooling students enjoy a seamless transition from primary to secondary education. From year 6 onwards, they are blessed to have access to secondary schooling facilities, including the secondary science laboratories and weekly home economics and technical studies classes.

Combined with specialist physical education teachers, our substantial PE resources enable students to prepare for a wide variety of extra-curricular involvement including annual camps (aquatics and rock climbing), SAPSASA carnivals, SSSSA knockout competitions, college community events, etc.

The performing arts programme is in its early stages of development. 2016 is the first year where we will be performing a senior musical production. From 2017 we are introducing music and drama throughout the College as specialist subjects.

Middle schooling at Mid North Christian College supports a gradual transition in the number of face-to-face teachers students have across all four year levels. 

Specialist teachers are introduced through the middle schooling years in areas such as mathematics, English, science, design and technology and home economics. By the time students reach year 9, they operate on what is essentially a senior schooling time table.

Senior Schooling – Year 10 to Year 12 

Senior Schooling is an exciting time in students’ lives. They are challenged by new subjects and greater workloads. It is a transition period for students as they prepare for their lives beyond secondary education. Subject selections at MNCC support pathways into University, TAFE, VET, a trade, traineeship or immediate employment.

In their senior year, students are able to select from a broad range of subjects that will assist them with reaching the career goals they have set.

Possible Choices (Years 10/11/12)

  • The Arts
  • Aviation Studies
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Community Studies
  • Design and Technology
  • English
  • Geography
  • German
  • History
  • Home Economics (Food & Hospitality)
  • Information Technology
  • Information Processing and Publishing
  • Maths (Studies, Specialist, Applied)
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Physical Education
  • Psychology
  • Studies of Society
Compulsory Subjects (Years 10/11)
  • Christian Life
  • English
  • Maths (choice of Pure Maths or Business/Applied Maths)
  • Personal Learning Plan (Year 10)
  • Science
Offerings may vary due to student choice and staff availability.

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