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You are not just a customer, you are a partner in learning for life. We want you to feel at home at our college. After all, this is the place that your children will do some of their best, quickest and most inspired learning!

This section is yet to be updated. We have begun implementing the SEQTA school management system, and are planning to add a additional features for families to access student information and have instant access to progress in 2017.

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Volunteering/Worker Bees

Check back soon. We’ll be adding specific information regarding volunteer opportunities.

Grievance Procedure

Check back soon. We’ll be adding specific information regarding our grievance procedure.

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At Mid North Christian College, we operate in close conjunction with parents. Our staff members understand that for our school to thrive, students, parents and faculty members must communicate on a regular basis. Keeping this in mind, we take a transparent approach to education, ensuring an unbeatable learning environment.

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Car Park Protocols

Check back soon to learn about our car park policies


If you would like to learn more about our tuition rates, all you have to do is view our current fees schedule. We make it easier than ever to attend this prestigious Christian college.

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